Charter is an option that many yacht owners consider as an attractive solution to reduce yacht running and maintenance costs.
However, charters can often become a burden because they must comply with legislative rules and regulations of each country, which are in constant change. 
With more than 25 years experience, AQUA MARINE GROUP is a Yachtfolio member and our central agency yachts are offered to all worlwide charter agents. Every year we sign 150+ charter's contractsfor 20-100m yachts, and accept all credit card payments to ensure last minute charter requests.


· 24/7 follow up
· Respect the client’s confidentiality in all aspects
· Credit cards accepted for very last-minute charters
· Total cost of ownership” negotiation approach to match the client’s budget
· Supervision over fuel supply and consumption
· Ability to find dock space - even during peak season
· Non-commission based restaurant recommandations
· Kosher catering, nannies, massages, personal drivers, private jets/helicopters, “tax free” rate alcohol 
· Weddings, birthdays, bar mitzvahs, business deals closure...etc. 


·Central agent for daily and weekly charters (Europe, Caribbean, Bahamas & Asia).
· Yacht advertising through specialized yacht magazines, a dedicated web page and printed brochure
· Financial charter status reports
· Crew recrutment
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