• IBUBBLE Explorer Edition

    From 4 332 €


    Caractéristiques principales

    With the iBubble Explorer Edition, explore the depths from the surface before diving in. Use the Explorer pack to transform iBubble into the best R.O.V. on the market and control it from your smartphone. Find the best diving spots and make beautiful memories.

    The Explorer Edition contains iBubble along with its complementary 60m/200ft cable, in one package.
  • IBUBBLEPremium Edition

    From 5 832 €


    Caractéristiques principales

    With the iBubble Premium Edition, get everything you need to make your trips unforgettable.

    With its exclusive Premium Explorer Pack, including a dedicated remote and 100m/300ft of cable, you will be able to explorer further into the depths.

    Travel anywhere in the world with the iBubble hardcase and dive all day long with 2 extra batteries and their dual charger.
Opens a whole new (underwater!) world of filming opportunities. Create shots like a professional: record what you see from a distance, follow and film yourself, have iBubble orbit around you, and much more. Integrated LED lights automatically adjust their brightness to allow you to capture the true colors of your surroundings.

You would like to take a close-up shot of the blue ringed octopus hidden between two rocks? With your bracelet, call iBubble towards you, grab its handles, and capture those blue rings with perfection.

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