AB 68' - AB Yachts Yacht for sale


Technical specifications :

Lenght (m) :20.65m (67.7ft) Beam (m) :4.95m (16.2ft) Draft (m) :0.92m (3ft) Type :Open Yacht Année :2003 Fuel tank :4.000 l Water tank :1.000 l

Performance :

Max speed :45 knts Cruise speed :38 knts Engine :2 X Man 1550 hp

Accomodation :

Cabins :3 Crew :2 Guests :7

Price :

3 200 000 €

Description :

Sailing with AB 68 is an experience full of strong emotions. Its sea tight, stabilitty and its precise and it precise and immediate reply at your each single drive make AB 68 the yacht which will never give you unpleasant surprises. The performances and mannoeuvrability are exiting, this thanks to the water jets propulusion. Ab yachts produces water jet propelled boat only, attaining the leadership in this kind of propulsion.
Electrically operated window winder and a large dimension sliding roof will lead you from a bright, elegant and comfortable saloon, to an exclusive glorious veranda on the sea.
Ab yachts developped a revolutionary way to conceive the interiors. The dunnages, the furniture, the bulkheads are laid on particular elastic supports which isolated from the hull stress and which make possible the use of valuables materials without breaking risks. You dn't have often the possibility of sailing at more 40kts speed and hear only the flowing of the sea. The acoustics have been studied out even for and the most evident outcome is the silence, everywhere
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